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What is an escape room?

What are the rules at iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn?

A room full of riddles with only 60 minutes to solve them and escape - that would describe escape rooms in a nutshell. It’s a race against the clock full of fun and excitement where the stakes grow from minute to minute. You and your crew will be locked in one of our themed escape rooms in Olsztyn. Each room is connected to the history, legends and characteristic places of the city. Throughout the hour you will be looking for clues, deciphering codes, solving riddles, and learning about Olsztyn’s rich (and sometimes secret) history in order to escape the room before time runs out. Do you have what it takes? Be clever, be perceptive, and work as a team because the clock doesn’t stop and your adrenaline is pumping. Will you be able to escape in an hour?

At iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn the fun doesn’t have to stop with one escape room. Only with us can you test your mental fortitude by trying to escape the entire flat - you have 4 hours to do that. We have connected four of our escape rooms so that we may provide you with even more fun and excitement. Don’t hesitate! Accept the challenge today!

Who can play?

Families come together at iESCAPE. Grandads bond with their grandchildren and sons-in-law find common ground with their mothers-in-law. At iESCAPE family feuds are put on the backburner and everyone works toward a common goal.
Looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends in Olsztyn? Do you want to take a group of your friends on an unforgettable excursion? iESCAPE is the place for you. It may not be easy but you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.
If you spend your days playing video games, take the next step and put your skills to the test in the real world. Put down the controller, turn off the computer, grab your friends, and accept the challenge. See if you can be our new record holder.
Looking for a way to experience Olsztyn but museums just aren’t your cup of tea? Sitting by the lake is great but would you also like to train your brain? Drop into iESCAPE with your crew and experience a new side of Olsztyn!
If you are looking for a great teambuilding activity to spice up your company parties, look no further! iESCAPE escape rooms in Olsztyn are a high stake, adrenaline filled integration activity that teaches teamwork and shows who is a true leader.
Your clients
iESCAPE is a great way to promote your company. Together we will plan a game that will support your marketing campaign, engage clients, and align with your brand development strategy. We will help you stay miles ahead of your competition.
iESCAPE for special occasions
Birthdays! Namedays! Stag and Hen nights! Proposals! Anniversaries! These are just a few of the special moments that can be made exceptional with iESCAPE. Contact us. We will plan something special just for you.



Year 2514. Earth was struck by a meteorite. The impact force wiped out every aspect of life from the planet. Over one day everything was destroyed... almost everything. You have survived! Around you only ashes, wrecks, ruins of Olsztyn, and whatever remained of the meteorite. Slowly but surely you are unveiling the truth about what really happened. Your goal is to restore life on the planet and get out of the post-apocalyptic zone. Will you make it before the next shockwave?

2-6 players
60 minutes
Level: very hard

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Phantom of Alt Allenstein

The arrival of a ten-year-old in the old mansion of Alt Allenstein gives rise to unusual events. A seemingly innocent girl has truly ghastly powers. As it turns out, numerous suicides registered in the halls of the residence are the result of the proceedings of the little Clara. You sneak into her room to learn the dark truth. But can you escape before the phantom catches you? Or maybe you will manage to save not only yourself but also the murderous soul of the bloodthirsty child?

2-5 players
60 minutes
Level: medium

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A tank in a lake

January 1945. You are trapped in a tank located on the bottom of a lake in Olsztyn. How did you get here? You were riding through the city. Suddenly you heard a disturbing sound - ice cracking under the caterpillar tracks of a tank. Before you realized it, the tank had already hit the bottom. Failsafe protocols locked the hatch. You know that you are in grave danger. How to escape? You have exactly one hour before the tank starts leaking. Everything is in your hands. Will you manage to escape in 60 minutes?

2-6 players
60 minutes
Level: hard

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Assassination attempt on Napoleon

The plan was perfect! Scores of Olsztyn’s people gathered on the Market Square, from the roof of the old building the shot would be clear, the noise would be muffled by the parade of troops... However, the supporters of the French Emperor prevented the attack on their leader. Now, when you are waiting for your trial in the castle dungeons, you can only guess what went wrong. You know, however, that the punishment for such a betrayal is most severe. Escape is the only option. Act fast! The stakes are high.

2-5 players
60 minutes
Level: hard

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A crime at the forest ranger’s station

The forest ranger’s station hides many secrets. Hidden in this station are pieces of evidence from a crime at the turn of the twentieth century. A crime, which terrified the people of Olsztyn and remained an unsolved case for many years. You broke into the wooden house in order to find the evidence proving the ranger’s guilt. The task is not easy. You have only 60 minutes to search all the nooks and solve the decades old cold case. Will you manage to escape before he returns?

2-5 players
60 minutes
Level: medium

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Theft of Copernicus' works

Jealousy and a lust for glory have brought you to the Castle of Warmian Bishops in Olsztyn to pull off a heist for the ages. Right here in Nicholas Copernicus’ study wait the spoils. The year is 1518 and whispers of your former classmate great work have made their way to you. The Torun native with whom you studied in Bolgona is about to change the world with his work that will be known years from now as the Copernican Revolution. You have 60 minutes to find the manuscript and reserve your place in history.

2-6 players
60 minutes
Level: medium

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Entrire flat

iESCAPE entire flat

iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn lets you raise the stakes even higher. Only with us can you test your skills by trying to escape the entire flat. Copernicus, Napoleon, Forest Ranger, and Tank – four of the escape rooms have been linked for hours of excitement. Play all four escape rooms for the price of 3, but with 4 hours to get through the riddles that stand between you and victory. The extra-difficult level of the flat is not for the faint of heart. Escaping the entire flat is a challenge for the best and brightest aspiring Sherlock Holmes’ who find every clue and solve every riddle. Will you accept the challenge? If so, we are waiting for you. Contact us and we will set up the best time for you to live out a true mystery.

2-5 players
240 minutes
Level: extremely hard



99 PLN for a room

An hour (60 minutes) of fun in a live escape room
The same price for every room at iESCAPE
The same price regardless of the time of week or year
The same price regardless of the number of people on your team

297 PLN for an entire flat

4 hours (240 minutes) of fun in four live escape rooms
Four connected rooms for the price of three
The same price regardless of the time of week or year
The same price regardless of the number of people on your team

iESCAPE for special occasions

Are you about to plan a birthday party, an engagement, or some other type of private or company event? Would you like us to plan something special just for you? If so, contact us!



An iESCAPE voucher is the perfect gift for any one on any occasion be it a birthday, nameday, anniversary or anything in-between. Your friends and family will make memories that will last them a lifetime from this thoughtful and special gift.

Voucher for one room
60 minutes of fun
99 PLN

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Voucher for an entire flat
240 minutes of fun
297 PLN

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iESCAPE for your company

If you are looking for a great teambuilding activity to spice up your company parties, look no further! iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn is a high stake, adrenaline filled integration activity that teaches teamwork and shows who is a true leader. Tell us what you need and we will plan a special adventure just for you in one of our escape rooms, at your headquarters, or during your company getaway (this is called: a mobile escape room). iESCAPE will guarantee a unique experience.


iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn is a great way to promote your company. Together we will plan a game that will support your marketing campaign, engage clients, and align with your brand development strategy. Our creative ideas and unique tools will help you stay miles ahead of your competition. Contact us and we will plan something special just for you!

Team building
High-stake fun that teaches teamwork
Workforce intergration
Company promotion
Engaging employees and clients


A Weekend for the Seniors in iESCAPE = 10% discount for a game

A Weekend for the Senior Citizens. Take your grandma or your grandpa to an escape room and get a 10% discount for a game at an iESCAPE escape room of your choice. A discount for the multi-generational teams will be available until Sunday, November 18th. Let’s show that iESCAPE is a place where families come together.

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iESCAPE in Puls Biznesu

In today’s edition of ‘Puls Biznesu’ – one of the leading Polish business dailies – you can read about escape rooms in smaller cities. The subject is presented from a business perspective by the editor Sylwia Wedziuk and includes a few words from us. If you would like to take a look, please click below.

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We know who the winners are

This was a really fair fight. Our Birthday competition is over. Bravo to the winners and all of the teams who participated. You have all collected 1450 likes and emojis. The results are posted on our FB page.

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Our Birthday competition

It was amazing. Thank you all so much for being there with us and celebrating our 2nd Birthday. Our week-long party is over but we still have a surprise for you. On our Facebook page you can find some photos of teams, who have a chance to get a special prize from us. The team, who gets the most likes, will receive a gift from iESCAPE. You have exactly 7 days. Ready? Set? Go!

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Our 2nd Birthday

Our Birthday week has begun! We prepared something special just for you. From today until August 15th iESCAPE candy will be hidden in all of our 6 escape rooms. The more candy you collect, the more of a discount you gather.

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iESCAPE 2nd Birthday coming soon

On this day two years ago we marked our entrance with the iESCAPE logo. That’s how it all started… and already our 2nd Birthday is coming up. Hope to see you all there.

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Air conditioning at iESCAPE

We are fully prepared for the summer. We now have air conditioning in our escape rooms.

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iESCAPE on Instagram

We made it to Instagram. We have to admit, that it took us a while, but we finally made it. We hope that you will follow us there as well.

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600 days

600 days – that’s how long iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn has been open. Thank you very much.

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The Phantom is #1 in Olsztyn

We made it! “The Phantom of Alt Allenstein” – one of our new rooms – is already the #1 escape room in Olsztyn. This happened after only 2 months after the opening. Thank you all so much. As you all can see, your comments and reviews are really very important to us.

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How can I book a room at iESCAPE?

You can book an escape room in one of four different ways: 1) On the website through our booking module. 2) Writing an email to us. 3) Calling us on the phone. 4) Coming personally to iESCAPE.

Regardless of which way you chose to book you will receive a confirmation email. Remember that by booking a room you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of iESCAPE.

How can I book the entire iESCAPE flat?

Booking the entire iESCAPE flat is possible by direct contact with us. Come to us personally, call or write an email, and we will explain in more detail what it means to escape from the flat. We will also establish the best time for you to take on this paramount challenge. Remember that by booking the flat you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of iESCAPE.

What are the prices to play at iESCAPE?

Each room at iESCAPE is priced at 99 PLN, while the entire flat is priced at 297 PLN. The price doesn’t change based on which room you choose, the number of people in your party, or the day on which you choose to come.

How can I make a payment at iESCAPE?

You may only pay in person on our premises before your game starts. Both cash and card are accepted. We are working towards more convenient methods of payment that will be available soon.

How many people can play at iESCAPE?

Our rooms accommodate anywhere from 2 to 6 players. This number is determined based on the size and difficulty level of the room. Under the description of each room you will find additional information on the minimum and maximum number of people that we recommend play in our escape room in Olsztyn. If you would like to book for more people than is recommended, please contact us directly and we will find a solution for you.

Who can play at iESCAPE?

The escape room is great fun for everyone who like to solve riddles, crack codes, or challenge their brain. Bring you family, friends, work colleagues, or just about anybody. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you do for a living – at iESCAPE we guarantee a good time that challenges you while teaching you a bit about Olsztyn.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, and no. We welcome all ages to iESCAPE, but we recommend that children be at least 10 years old. If you would like to bring younger players they are welcome, but remember that the game may be too difficult for them.

What happens if we get stuck?

You will be able to contact an iESCAPE associate at all times. If you tell us (or we notice) that you have hit a wall, we will gladly give you a little hint to push you in the right direction. We won’t solve everything for you though.

Are we really locked in the room?

Yes, and no. The door is closed and you have to find the key to open it. You may leave the room at any moment by contacting our associate who will open the door for you.

Will there be people, other than us, in the room?

We book rooms for concrete groups, no one from outside your group will join you in the room.

Can disabled people play as well?

Yes. Our flat is located on the 4th floor but we have an elevator that allows those with physical disabilities ease of access (i.e. those who use crutches or a wheelchair). The actual game play may involve more mobility but that’s what teammates are for. If you still have questions, please contact us directly.

Can I book multiple rooms at once and compete against my friends?

Of course – we fully support the competitive spirit. Just check to make sure we have 2 ( or more) rooms available around the same time i.e. 10:00 and 10:15.

How much earlier should we arrive and what happens if we are late?

We ask that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled time. We will be able to have a moment for questions, presenting the rules and history of the room.

If it is possible that you may be late, please let us know. We will try to accommodate you to the best of our abilities. If there is no one scheduled after you in the room, we will even wait to start the clock until you arrive.

Do I need to be fluent in Polish in order to play?

iESCAPE has worked long and hard to create an experience that is accessible to everyone in the world. You need to be clever and quick, and work as a team, but you don’t need to know a single word in Polish.

How can I buy a voucher to iESCAPE?

In order to purchase an iESCAPE voucher you must click the „vouchers” tab on our website, then press the button „buy now”. The system will automatically redirect you to an online payment platform (Przelewy24) where you can follow step by step instructions to pay for your voucher. You can also buy vouchers on location – ul. Staromiejska 16 apt. 4 (right next to Wysoka Brama in Olsztyn). We can send the voucher by mail or have a nice gift certificate made if the voucher is a present (if you would like to do this please come visit us directly).

How can I redeem a voucher at iESCAPE?

If you know which room you would like, go online, book the room, and enter the coupon number in the appropriate field. You can also send us an email, call or drop in personally.

Vouchers are redeemable for three (3) months from the date of purchase.

Please bring the physical voucher to your scheduled time (even if you input the coupon code online).

Remember that by booking a room you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of iESCAPE.



iESCAPE Escape Room Olsztyn
ul. Staromiejska 16 lok. 4
10-017 Olsztyn
tel. +48 690 980 970

The largest Escape Room in Olsztyn and in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship
Purple entrance right next to Wysoka Brama

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